Electric Foot Warmer, Adjustable Thermostat, Silence Operation, Low Energy, Foldable Flat Space Heater – Under Desk Foot Warmer – Cat Pattern

  • ☀Three-folded Panel Heater: Three-dimensional surround, fast heating, more concentrated heating range, no need to take off your shoes. Warm your feet, legs and knees gently. Perfect for home or office.
  • ☀SAFETY: Automatic shut-off when it overheats(70℃)/ 45° dumping/ continuous heating for 3 hours to avoiding unnecessary accidents and reducing the risk of fire.
  • ☀EASY TO USE: Adjustable thermostat, simple on/off switch and 3 working modes make this panel heater a versatile, energy efficient solution for cold winter months.
  • ☀IDEAL HEATER: The surface of the Non-woven fabric is touchable, so children or pets can avoid any scald. Carbon Crystal films makes it heating up evenly and keeps temperature persistently. Silent Operation, no installation required. Three-folded design makes it easy to store and convenient to carry.
  • ☀CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30-days money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty guarantee. If anything happens to your device within the 1 year warranty period, free to contact us.
➤ This energy-efficient heater is three-dimensional surround, Ideal for quickly heating up small areas both around the home or in the office. Suitable for under-desk heating to warm your feet and knee.
➤ Equipped with a safety thermal cut-off device, automatic shut-off when: 1. overheats(70℃) 2. tip over or 45° dumping 3. continuous heating for 3 hours
➤ 3 Working Modes for your choice - High (65±5℃), Mid ( 55±5℃), Low (40±5℃)
➤ The heater also benefits from low wattage with rapid heat up - for extremely economical use.
➤ Silent Operation, no noise. No worry about it will disturb your sleep and rest. No dust movement, ideal for allergy sufferers.
➤ Easy to use - simply plug in and press the button.
➤ Come with a small blanket(70*110cm) to keep temperature.

Material: Carbon Crystal films, Aluminum heating Films, non-woven fabrics
Temperature: High (65±5℃),Mid ( 55±5℃), Low (40±5℃)
Product Size: 100cm x 50cm(39*20in)
Folding Size: 51.5 x 46 x 5cm(20*18*2in)
Package Weight: 1.9KG/4.1lbs
Wattage: 220V/AC
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 200±10W

Package included:
1 x Heating Pad
1 x Free Blanket
1 x Name Label
1 x User Manual

1. Please read the instruction sheet carefully before use.
2. Please do not use it on a wet floor or on the ground. Turn off power when the surface got wet. Use it after completely dry.
3. When not in use, please turn off the thermostat power switch or unplug the power plug.
4. Far away from fire .Don't use it with other heating device.
5. Turn off the heater and disconnect the power when no use.
6. Keep it at shady and dry place for storage.

Price: $ 57.99

Mica Heater, Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Electric Space Heater, Black, 1500W, for Home and Office, Personal or Other Cubic Space

  • Adopt modern perfect design, mature heating technology to provide comfortable and warm environment for you easily and conveniently.
  • Instantaneous heating, low noise, low energy consumption and maximum heating power of 1500 watts.
  • 1500W and 700W of two high and low thermostat controller can meet your heating needs.
  • Equipped with handles and pulleys for easy handling and movement.
  • Easy to install, the bottom of both sides of the landing pulley design is strong enough to facilitate movement, pulley removal convenience.

About Homeleader: 

Homeleader is well-known in the manufacturing and distribution of kitchen household appliances in many countries, providing optimal products aimed at satisfying our daily-life indoor and outdoor. In recent years, homeleader has grown into an international company whose main line is designing and manufacturing more good products used in our daily-life. 

In addition, Homeleader covers a wide range of products such as appliances in the kitchen and heaters in the bedroom.


Product Name: Mica Panel Heater 

Model: PH-15B 

Voltage: 120V 

Frequency: 60HZ 

Power: 1500W 

Size: 27 x 10 x 22inches 



1.The pulley base is correctly installed through the two mounting interfaces at the bottom of the heater. 

2.Fixed power through two 700 watt and 1500 Watt switches. 

3.The temperature is regulated by rotating the thermostat.

Attention Please: 

1.Keep your hands dry and keep away from water 

2.Make sure there are no combustibles around 

3.Don't touch the finger or any foreign body with the electric heating net when you use it so as to avoid accidents

Price: $ 85.99

Bionaire BH3950-U Heater, Silent Micathermic Console, Gray (Complete Set) w/ Bonus: Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

  • Warm Evenly Fast at All Areas - Micathermic Heating Element Uses Convection and Reflective Heat for Immediate Warmth
  • Heat Even Larger Room Quickl Y - Lightweight Home Heater Provides Steady Heat That's Ideal for Larger Rooms
  • Always Feel Safe to Use -2 Heat Settings and Adjustable Thermostat; Shuts Off Automatically if It Overheats or Is Accidentally Tipped Over
  • Can Move to Anywhere Easily - Easy Portability With Its Large Carry Handle and Easy Glide Wheels
  • Measures 21.6 by 6.3 by 25.5 Inches; Comes With 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner
This Bionaire Micathermic Console Heater offers a slender design, this heater does not take up a lot of space and heats up quickly. Heats through the process of convection. The micathermic heating panels are made of the mineral mica, which resists breakdown and has excellent stability. Adjustable thermostat control and heat mode setting let you set the heat just right for you.


Lightweight home heater provides steady heat that's ideal for larger rooms
Micathermic heating element uses convection and reflective heat for immediate warmth
2 heat settings and adjustable thermostat; shuts off automatically if it overheats or is accidentally tipped over
Easy portability with its large carry handle and easy glide wheels

Adjustable Thermostat
Energy Efficient thermostat enables you to set your custom heat preference. The heater will operate to maintain your desired comfort level.

Lightweight and Portable
Weighs up to 50% less than oil filled heaters. Smooth-rolling casters and carry handle make it simple to move.

Whisper Quiet Heat
This lightweight home heater is virtually silent during operation and provides steady heat that's ideal for larger rooms.
With Bonus: 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle.

Price: $ 265.48

Lasko 5624 Low Profile Room Space Heater, Black-Features Natural Convention Heat for Silent Operation

  • Natural Convection Heat - or radiant heat, gives this electric space heater the ability to circulate heat silently throughout the room. This makes the heater ideal for the bedroom and around the house.
  • Adjustable Thermostat - allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. With digital temperature settings you can select the temperature you desire. The thermostat can be set in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Built-in Timer - can be programmed from 1 hour to 8 hours. Simply press the timer button on the digital control panel to easily program the timer in 1 hour intervals. Once the timer is set the heater will automatically shut off after the programmed time.
  • Built-in Safety Features - overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if left on for an extended amount of time. While a tip-over switch automatically turns off the heater if knocked over.
  • Fully Assembled - allows you to take the heater out of the box and have it working in minutes. Simply plug the heater into a wall outlet, adjust the thermostat, and enjoy the warmth from your new Lasko space heater.

Lasko’s silent room heaters use natural convection to circulate warm air silently throughout your room. The low-profile design makes it blend into your existing decor. Features digital display, adjustable thermostat, and timer functions.

Additional features include:

  • Natural convection circulates warm air silently
  • 1500 watts of comforting warmth
  • Adjustable thermostat and built-in timer
  • Lightweight with carry handles
  • E.T.L. listed

Price: $ 79.00

Optimus H-8411 Flat-Panel Heater Micathermic W/Adjustable Thermostat Home & Garden Improvement

  • NEW
  • OPSH8411
• 2 heat settings: 1,000W & 1,500W • Flat-panel heater with adjustable thermostat; • Micathermic, 5-ply design heats surrounding objects; • Heats instantly & evenly without drying out rooms; • Overheat safety protection; • Thermal cutoff safety device; • Large wheel base for easier movement/portability; • Quiet operation; • cETLus approved

Price: $ 122.60

OPTIMUS H-8411 Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater consumer electronics

  • OPTIMUS H-8411 Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater
  • OPSH8411
2 heat settings: 1,000W & 1,500W; Flat-panel heater with adjustable thermostat; Micathermic, 5-ply design heats surrounding objects; Heats instantly & evenly without drying out rooms; Overheat safety protection; Thermal cutoff safety device; Large wheel base for easier movement/portability; Quiet operation; cETLus approved;OPTIMUS H-8411 Micathermic Flat-Panel HeaterCondition : This item is br