Mar 132018
  • High-quality heating element with aluminum hear sink: made of advanced technology, fast heat, big thermal area, rapid temperature rise, stable performance, no oxygen consumption, no light consumption.
  • Attractive design - black crystal glass panel with two optional styles (free-standing and wall-mounted),brackets and fittings included.Ideal for heating up small to medium sized rooms in the home or work place
  • High flexibility and convenient: LED display remote control and 24h timer provide you with unlimited convenience. You can control the panel heater either through LED touch screen or remote control.
  • C-shaped aluminium heating element warms rooms up quickly and evenly. The heater is equipped with electronic sensor thermostat and overheat protection which guarantee the long lifespan.
  • Options of common type and remote control type.Display panel of digital screen, infrared remote control, easy and simple. (Remote type);Silent warmth: quiet and cozy

This crystal glass panel heater adopts advanced convection heating power to deliver quiet comfortable warmth. Featuring fast heating, rapid temperature rise, excellent stable performance as well as no oxygen and light consumption. Designed of noble, elegant and beautiful black crystal glass panel, it will be an eye-catcher to your room.


  • High-quality heating element with aluminum hear sink: made of advanced technology, fast heat, big thermal area, rapid temperature rise, stable performance, no oxygen consumption, no light consumption.
  • Options of common type and remote control type.
  • Display panel of digital screen, infrared remote control, easy and simple. (Remote type)
  • Silent warmth: quiet and cozy.
  • Multiple safety device: Auto power-off protection during overheating, safer and more at ease.
  • Thermal sensor design: easy for you to set room temperature that you are satisfied with. (Remote control series)
  • 24-hour switch on and off: easy, safe, reliable. (Remote control series)
  • Display of automatic determination of ambient temperature. (Remote control series)
  • Portable wall-mounted structure:  easy for you to install according to actual needs.
  • Operation function of touch switch. (Remote type)
  • Noble, elegant and beautiful special black crystal glass panel


  • Power: AC 220-240v
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Withstand Current ? 10A
  • Product Size:L 28.94*W 5.32* H 20.67 inches
  • Net Weight:17.22lbs

Package Content?

  • 1 x Electric Panel Heater
  • Instruction Manual

Price: $ 75.99
Mar 122018
  • Way Valve: 3 Ways
  • Threaded Check Valve: 1-1/2"
  • Threaded Female Connector: 1-1/2"
This diverter valve kit connector is ideal to control water circulation in your pool. It helps your solar panel system to shut off at night or during cool cloudy days. It is a best choice to have this kit to keep your pool longer warmer. Specifications: Way Valve: 3 Ways Threaded Check Valve: 1-1/2" Threaded Tee: 1-1/2" Threaded Male Connector: 1-1/2" Threaded Female Connector: 1-1/2" Package Content: 1x 3 Way Valve 1x 1-1/2" Threaded Check Valve 1x 1-1/2" Threaded Tee 1x 1-1/2" Threaded Male Connector 1x 1-1/2" Threaded Female Connector 3x O-rings Orders usually leave our warehouse within 24 business hours. All orders shipped from our warehouse directly in California or Illinois. Buyers outside U.S. are responsible for any brokerage fee, import duties, or taxes. We will contact by phone or email if there're any problems with your purchase.

Price: $ 36.08
Mar 112018
  • Whole-Room Warmth - Ideal for use as supplementary or spot heating in a bedroom, office or living room, the HM5-15-30 flat panel heater combines radiant and convection technology, achieving full power within minutes to provide quick, whole-room heat.
  • Safe and Silent - With an ETL rating, this micathermic space heater features overheat protection with safety thermal cut-off and its power indicator light reminds you to turn it off when you don't need to use it.
  • Easy Adjustable Control Knobs: No need to figure out complicated controls-simply turn the knob to your desired setting and relax in warm comfort.
  • Includes Wall-mounting Kit: If space is limited, simply use the wall-mounting kit with instructions provided to position your heater on a convenient wall.
  • No Remote Control: Some customers enjoy using a remote control, however this heater uses manual controls for simple operation.
The Soleus HM5-15-30 Micathermic Wall Mountable Flat Panel Heater is a flat panel, slim and low-profile, as well as incredible efficient heater to help you provide supplemental heat for your home. This micathermic heater utilizes both convection and reflective heat to evenly distribute comfortable warmth to your home, and is also fully portable as well as wall-mountable, increasing your overall utility and placement options. In addition to its overall versatility and efficiency, this micathermic heater is also loaded with fantastic operational and safety features to ensure that you and your home remain toasty, warm, and comfortable, as well as safe. If you have been searching for an innovative, portable, efficient, as well as considerably powerful heating system to provide your home with extra warmth, look no further than the Soleus HM5-15-30 Micathermic Wall Mountable Flat Panel Heater.

Mar 102018
  • Natural convection - Has all the advantages of natural convection heaters PLUS advantages offered by the patent pending Heatguard.
  • Safe to touch Provides extra safety for children and pets by lowering exposed surface temperature.
  • Double Convection Heatguard provides double convection and hence increases efficiency of heat distribution.
  • Decorate or paint Due to lower surface temperature, heatguard can be painted to match dcor or decorated with stickers.
  • International Standard Compliant - The panels have ETL approval of UL 2021 standards (certification for USA) and also approval of IEC 60335-2 (certification for Canada) and are also RoHS Compliant.
Wall mounted panel heaters are Safe and Economical and work on the principle of Convective Heat Transfer. The Panels are mounted to a wall (in the desired room and location) using the hardware provided and simple do-it-yourself installation instructions. Principle of Heat Convection - Hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air. The panel heater uses this principle to create convective air currents within the room. These currents, gradually move warmer air around the room and create a uniform ambient temperature. Panel heaters do not have in-built fan or any other moving part. Therefore, there is no noise and no stirred-up dust. This eliminates airborne dust problem and is ideal for people suffering from asthma or allergy issues.

Price: $ 85.00
Mar 092018
  • The infrared heat is a healthy heat, ideal for allergy sufferers and has been proven to reduce heating expenses by an average of 12Percent
  • Includes programmable thermostat with ambient sensor
  • Infrared radiant heating panels are a great way to give your home a bit of extra warmth and comfort.
  • 120 volts, 250 watts, 2.08 Amps
  • Mirror radiant panels can be fixed to a wall, horizontally or vertically
  • 24/7 installation support and lifetime technical support
  • Covered with WarmlyYours 5-year manufacturer warranty
Lava glass radiant panels add style to any decor while providing radiant comfort where your want it. These luxurious panels come in white green and feature a glossy finish; a satin finish is available by special order. Easily installed in either vertical or horizontal orientation, the 25 inch x 20 inch lava glass panels provide a flexible and elegant option for adding heat to the areas you want to target. At 110 volts, they generate 250 watts of radiant heat and c-ul-us listed. Warmlyyours backs all its lava glass products with a 5-year warranty.

Price: $ 849.15