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Maps: Where and when the worst of today's weather will be
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National Weather Service forecasters are warning that rain and storms could cause flash flooding and result in 2 to 3 inches in Boston and the surrounding areas on Thursday, with the most severe weather rolling through until about noon. But where is
Maps: Here's how much rain is in the forecast for Massachusetts — and when it's expected to fallBoston.com

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Jun 242018
  • POWERFUL AND COMPACT WITH A MODERN LOOK - The Tenergy 900W/1500W Ceramic Personal Heater has a lightweight portable design where its coils will heat faster to generate quick and even heating throughout the room.
  • CONTROLLABLE COMFORT - With a 15° degree fan tilt, direct air up towards your preferred area with Fan-Only/ Low-Heat (900W)/ High-Heat (1500W) functions that let you control the hot air output. The additional adjustable thermostat can be set to maintain the desired temperature in your room. This is one of the best portable heaters for home, office and bedroom.
  • BACKED WITH SAFETY - The Tenergy Personal Heater has an automatic shut off feature to prevent overheating once the electric fan heater senses an internal temperature of 179.6°F (82°C).
  • QUICK HEATING FOR INSTANT WARMTH - Using a ceramic heating element, the fan-forced heater begin to get hot within 3 seconds to generate a fast amount of heat to reach the desired temperature.
  • ETL CERTIFIED & 2 YEARS EXTENDED WARRANTY - Built with flame-retardant case and premium circuitry, this heater meets the rigorous safety standards of ETL. Register your Tenergy Ceramic Heater to receive 2 years extended warranty and lifetime support from our friendly customer service.
Powerful and Compact
With a compact space-saving design, this powerful heater is able to heat a room with balanced temperatures and an air disburse rate of 2.4m/s (14.5ft/s).

Adjustable Heating
Designed to fit your heating preferences, the heater is outfitted with Fan-Only / Low-Heat (900W) / High-Heat (1500W) options. The additional adjustable thermostat knob maintains the desired temperature for your room.

Safety Protection
To prevent overheating, once the heater reaches an internal temperature of 179.6°F (82°C) the circuitry will initiate an automatic shut off as a safety feature for protection.

Quick Heating
Using a ceramic heating element, the coils begin to get hot within 3 seconds to generate a fast amount of heat to reach the desired temperature.

ETL Certified
Built with flame-retardant case and premium circuitry, this heater meets the rigorous safety standards of ETL.

Voltage (volts): 120
Amperage (amps): 12.5
Max Wattage (watts): 1500
Area Heated (Sq. Ft.): Approx. 170
Heat Settings: Low Heat (900W), High Heat (1500W), Fan-only
Heater Element: Ceramic
Heater Controls: Dial
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Product Weight (lb.): 3.9
Product Dimension (in.): 10.6 x 5.3 x 9.8 Cord Length (in.): 72
Certifications and Listings: ETL
Product Width (in.): 10.6
Product Depth (in.): 5.3
Product Height (in.): 9.8

Package Contents:
1x 1500W Heater
1x User Manual

Always plug heater directly into a wall outlet/receptacle.
Never use with an extension cord.
Do not plug heater into any other cord connected device, such as a power strip, surge protector, multiple outlet adapter, cord reel or outlet-type air freshener.
The use of such devices may cause a fire hazard.

Price: $ 39.99
Jun 242018
  • ✔ QUICK HEATING, SUPER EASY CONTROLS with 3 simple to use control settings you can easily control the temperature, HIGH 950 WATTS, LOW 450 WATTS, AND FAN at 30 WATTS. Crank up the heat in only 2 SECONDS turn on time. The maximum setting for whole room heating and low setting for more personal heating. The LED lights lets you know which setting is on, warm red for low, dark red for high, and blue for fan.
  • ✔ WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION adding COMFORT for you, your loved ones. This mini space heater will not distract you from your everyday duties or sleep! It produces minimal operational noise at only 42 decibels which is lower than soft speaking, so it won't interfere with your work and rest time. Just turn on the space heater and enjoy the warm air that will fill in your room.
  • ✔ TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY is built into the foundation of the Might Power Personal space heater. Featuring a Auto-Shut Off Tip-Over Protection, Overheat Protection, and is constructed with superior ABS fire retardant plastic material to provide you with a safe and high quality product. Great for your Home, School, Office, or any personal space that you need an extra level comfort.
  • ✔ MOVES THE AIR - OSCILLATING 90 degrees from side to side or keep the fan in any direction you like. With one click operation to choose your comfort. Spread the heat love all around your space or simply run the fan setting when your looking a breeze. The Mighty Power Personal Ceramic Heater is also super LIGHTWEIGHT, simply use the built in handle to move it wherever you need some heat.
  • •✔ GUARANTEED SATISFACTION because of a 30 Day full money back guarantee. We are so confident in our products that we have no problem giving you every penny back if you're unhappy with your purchase. You won't see promises like that from big box brands!
Step into the modern age, with the Mighty Power personal space heater that just so happens to be a technology marvel. You can feel the heat coming at you in just 2 seconds flat, and with 950 watts of pure heat energy. This space heater features super technology all in a compact form. Not mention the simple yet elegant exterior design. Exterior design wasn't the only object with the Mighty Power heater, the internal sophisticated components fit together and work like magic, so all you have to do is press a few buttons to get this heater working. Technology was built with purpose, with auto-off lean over technology, overheating prevention system, 2 heat settings and 1 fan setting, whisper quiet operation, easy to use controls, and features a Oscillating base to provide 90 degrees of heat to spread all the love all over the place. Stay warm with the Mighty Power Portable Electric Space heater, which features heating control settings so that you can adjust the temperature to your liking, High 950 Watts, Low 450 Watts, And Fan At 30 Watts.The LED lights lets you know which setting is on, warm red for low, dark red for high, and blue for fan. Make your living room or bedroom warmer without the additional costs! The auto lean-over power off switch is meant to keep you and your family safe! Made with superior ABS fire retardant plastic material to provide you with the safest high quality product. This Heater has handle so that you can easily move from room to room. COLOR: Black. DIMENSIONS: 5x5x8 Inches (12.5x12.5x20.5 CM)

Jun 242018
  • ✪ Warm up the air around you: It is economical to use and is designed for personal use. You can place it under your desk or on the table, wherever you want to get rid of the frostbitten body parts. It might appear small, but it is a mighty beast. This portable ceramic heater can be carried easily! With a handy size, you can take it wherever you want.
  • ✪ Heater with thermostat: The ceramic heater comes with an adjustable thermostat that makes it most suitable heater to warm the air around you and not an entire big hall. Depending upon your level of comfort, you can use the adjustable knob to control the temperature.
  • ✪ Protective gears with Tip-over & overheating protection: Fitted with safety devices, this ceramic heater can be used by all without any safety concerns. Thanks to tip-over protection and overheating protection due to which the heater automatically turns off when overheating occurs and restarts when the temperature inside is safe.
  • ✪ Heating in 3 Seconds: The PTC ceramics produce a large amount of heat quickly at a power of 750 watt or 1500watt, and propagate heat through the aluminium radiator.
  • ✪ Auto-Oscillating: The heater comes with rotating feature. Though it is not wide, it can warm a large area, thanks to its auto-oscillating feature!
This compact handy ,fan-forced PTC heater blows warm air in a short time. It is the perfect choice for living spaces, offices and bedrooms.3 heat settings and adjustable thermostat can customize the proper temperature for you. Personal Heater is designed to warm the air around you; not an entire room. This heater will be great to place it under your desk or next to your chair. Because it is designed for personal heat output, it is very economical to use. Your safety can be guaranteed by built-in over-heating protection and tip-over switch.Electric Space Heaters Forced Air Heaters Wall Baseboard Heaters Outdoor Heaters Utility Heaters Heater Parts Accessories small baseboard micro heater small propane panel indoor portable heater fan energy efficient for large room with remote went deflector combo for home for room for car space optimus bathroom heater fan light combo mini desk heater and fan for office quiet usb for kitchen uder desk portable auto shut off office fan heater tower cooling under desk Space heater for indoor use large rooms with remote tower office under desk auto shut off for indoor use whole room ceramic ptc mini 1500watt 750watt safty overheat heating protection tip over shut off personal oscillating heater hot & cool mini desk used indoor ptc

Price: $ 49.99
Jun 242018
  • Kero World DH-31 Kerosene Heater B Style Igniter
  • Pins in same direction of heating coil
  • This Product is manufactured in South Korea
Kero World DH-31 Kerosene Heater B Style Igniter Kerosene heater igniter Pins in same direction of heating coil Fits Dura-Heat Dyna-Glo, Envirotemp, KeroHeat, Kero-World Fits many push type ignition assemblies Avoid unnecessary dirt and damage caused by match lighting Igniter coils can glow at high temperatures but are delicate B style . This Product is manufactured in South Korea.

Price: $ 1.99